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Finally Going on the Great Escape!

After some urging from her mom and I my gf is finally ditching her 03' Camry for an Escape! I've been looking through some local ads to try and find her the best deal in the sub 18K category. She has had an affinity for the Escape every since she saw it a couple years ago. She says it looks more like an SUV and not like a minivan like some other crossovers. We've been to the autoshow twice and I've introduced to other crossovers but this was the only one she liked. She absolutely will not touch anything with a bowtie on it so the Equinox was out of the question and the Terrain she thought was ugly.

Her Camry although reliable has been plagued by some problems over the years many of I which I think was due to a head-on collision that racked up over 14K in damage. I've been looking feverishly looking for only 4-cylinder models; I love my gf but she has a very heavy lead foot. I don't know much about the Escape other than that it seems really reliable and I see alot of them out in the wild around the metro area where I live. I will keep any feedback you can share about the Escape would be most appreciated.


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I became interested in dreams when I was five years old. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, my dad asked me what I dreamed. He left for work

at six thirty in the morning, too early for me to be out of bed, so weekends were the only time he asked about my dreams. Dad would go out

into the kitchen, pull open the drawer of the china cupboard, and take out a tablet, pencil and a bright orange book. He wrote down my dream,

not the entire contents just key words he wanted to look up the meaning of. Then he would open the book; flip through the pages until he

found the one he wanted.
After jotting down a list of numbers he folded the paper, tucked it into his shirt pocket, scoop up his things, and carefully place them in

his special spot in the drawer. Then he would go for his morning walk to the friendly neighborhood barber who was also the neighborhood

One day out of curiosity, I took out the book. That was my first encounter with a dream book, which was really a lucky numbers dream book. It

had alphabetically words that gave a brief meaning of what an object meant to the dreamer followed by a number. When my dreams become more

detailed and somewhat too complicated Dad stopped asking me about my dreams. I was dreaming about things that seemed to my dad far-fetched

fantasies. I did my best to clarify what I was seeing in my dreams but my limited knowledge and vocabulary wasn't adequate. I missed

thweekend brief discussions. I couldn't find anyone to share my dream interest. Listening to a ten years old talk about dreams was boring

especially when what I had to say seemed to them like utter nonsense. I was labeled "having a great imagination". I began to wonder if most

people never dreamed. Why was I so different? If no one else seemed to think dreams matter, then why should I? It did matter to me. What was

it about dreams that fascinated me?




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I had a dream the other night about an inventor named Eddie Fisk...I've never known anyone by that name :yikes: (couldn't resist)
re: the Escape, all I know is the drivetrains were greatly improved after the latest re-styling
& the center console is larger enough to hold a laptop
& the ice blue lighting in the IP is really nice

Let us know what she ends up with, CrunkedRL
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