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They haven't made nice yet. Navistar Corp. is still suing Ford Motor Co. for $2 billion, and Ford wants hundreds of millions from Navistar.

But Navistar and Ford are back in the van business together.

Navistar has agreed to restart production of 6-liter diesel engines that will be shipped to Ford's Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake.

We're pleased to bring it back to our customers," Ford spokeswoman Kristen Kinley said. "It's a very important product for a very specific need."

The vast majority of diesel vans are used as ambulances, and emergency-equipment manufacturers said Ford had about 90 percent of that market. In March, the automaker told customers that it would no longer sell diesel vans.

Ambulance makers were faced with having to use gasoline engines in vans, or truck-based diesel vehicles.

Neither solution was ideal. Gasoline engines use more fuel and cannot idle as long as diesels. Bigger truck-based ambulances are more expensive and too large for many applications.
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