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The 2009 Color and Trim guides came out today and I got to see some of the new color swatches. These are pages of material actually painted the color of the vehicles(ahhhh the smell of fresh paint! ) Some of the colors we already know but here is the list of what we got so far thats new.....

2009 Ford division colors added.....
Tuxedo black clearcoat(more metallic flake than last year)
Sport blue clearcoat metallic(as seen on the "edge sport" concept)
White platinum clearcoat metallic(looks like tri-coat pearl to me)
Smokestone clearcoat metallic(same ol color)
Brilliant silver clearcoat metallic(bright silver)
Sterling grey clearcoat metallic(medium grey with lots of metallic flake)
Cinnamon clearcoat metallic(ala MKS, reminds me of Chestnut thet Fords once had)

When I have some thing I can scan and post I will so you can all see. Or just visit your local Ford dealer and ask for the "2009 COLOR AND TRIM GUIDE"
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