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New 2014 Ford Expedition Rendering

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New 2015 Ford Expedition Rendering

New 2015 Ford Expedition Rendering
After they’ve finished producing small, efficient family cars with aluminum chassis and four-cylinder engines, Ford and GM will return to doing what they do best, SUVs and pickups.

Both companies have introduced new architectures for the F-150 and Silverado 1500 and now their focus has surely turned towards full-size SUVs.

Among the oldest of them all is the Ford Expedition. It dates back to the 2007 model year an is due for a major makeover. In August last year, small changes were introduced for the 2013 model year: new colors, wheels and a ual-head restraint DVD system. But overall, it’s the same SUV launched 6 years before.

The platform for the new F-150 pickup could be combined with new EcoBoost engines to create a much better vehicle. Following the styling from the pickup, Theophilus Chin has created these rendered photos. The Expedition has headlights and taillights that are much more masculine. Overall improvements in built quality, economy and refinement will have to be made for this SUV to stay relevant.

Check out the 2015 Expedition Rendering Gallery over at
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The original article talks about the 2014 Expedition, but it's already launched and looks the same. So updated for the 2015 model where the changed can be expected. With the Expedition based on the same platform as the F-150, Ford should be able to design both at the same time, as they share many interior components now, just like they did with the new S-MAX Concept and the new Edge Concept.

The rendering looks like a more massive version of the current Flex, with cleaner lines and a more defined back end. It looks less heavy and more sporty.

The change I would like to see is the base Expedition going down to 202in in length to match the best selling Tahoe, from the 206in today. A smaller body on frame model would be easier to drive, park, as noted by comments from Tahoe owners.

The Expedition XL should keep it's dimensions but change it's name to Excursion(which Ford discontinued) to better differentiate itself as a different vehicle from the smaller Expedition. Like the best selling Tahoe and Suburban.
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But yea I don't think it will look like this because this is the outgoing model's face. I like the rear end on the rendering however.
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