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AMP Research was among the first ones who created bed extenders for short truck beds and has been refining them ever since. Today we'd like to introduce their new product - BedXTender HD™ Sport Bed Extender for 2019 Ford Ranger. If you're looking for an extra 2 feet of clearance in your truck bed, these bed extender would be a perfect solution! It has a 5-sided design to provide more clearance for tonneau cover rails and incorporates a V-shape design.

AMP Research® - BedXTender HD™ Sport Bed Extender


- Mounting brackets are included
- Drilling is required


- Aircraft-grade aluminum tubing provides high strength, lightweight, and resistance to corrosion
- Upright vertical pieces made from glass-reinforced nylon composite are durable yet flexible to provide cushioning and structural support
- Bed extender width is adjusted for a perfect fit on your truck using the upright vertical pieces
- Bed Extender is easily removable from your truck to double as a seat or bench while at a tailgate party
- Creates fenced-off proximity inside your bed when the tailgate is up, then flips over to extend your walled storage area by 2 feet when the tailgate is down
- 3-Year 36,000 Miles.

AMP Research™ | Power Side Steps, Running Boards, Bed Extenders -

Get the most from your Ranger's truck bed with new AMP Research BedXTender HD™ Sport Bed Extender!​
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