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Anyone who owns a large truck and uses the back-end compartment, bed, or rooftop to haul cargo can benefit from adding a hitch step to the hitch receiver. It provides better access to your truck bed, acts as a guard to protect bumpers from mishaps, and complements your truck’s looks.

Newly-released hitch steps by Torxe do all that, and even more! The new line includes three different series of hitch steps with unique designs. Some are made of hardened steel, and some use lightweight aluminum. Each hitch step fits 2" receivers and comes with a hitch pin, clip, and stabilizer bracket.

In our new video review, Greg is going to run through all the features and benefits of having these Torxe hitch steps mounted onto your truck bed.

Torxe™ - Rattler Hitch Step for 2" Receivers

Torxe™ - Aggressive Hitch Step for 2" Receivers

Torxe™ - Cast Hitch Step for 2" Receivers

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