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The New Mustang Convertible Delivers an All-Around Superior Top Down Experience

By Michael Tomlin-Crutchfield

​DEARBORN – Ford engineers were all ears to customer input when it came to delivering improvements to the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang convertible and this vehicle delivers.

Equipped with a sleeker top, quieter cabin and increased driver functionality, the 2015 model is just as comfortable as it is capable.

“Customers wanted a quieter top, so we moved to a 100 percent cloth top,” said Mustang Team Engineer Ron Lovasz. “We’ve made it look and function better.”

The new Mustang’s top folds 3.5 inches lower than the current model. In addition to being more compact, the new electromechnical drive allows the roof to retract in around 7 seconds, roughly 50 percent faster than the 14 to 17 seconds it took in previous models. An additional bow was also added to headliner to smooth out the appearance and helps to provide a premium fit-and-finish.

In addition to the faster moving top, the new convertible will have segment leading trunk space, improving 18 percent over the outgoing model. Two golf bags will easily fit in the trunk of the 2015 Mustang even with the convertible top lowered. New snap-in side caps complete the clean appearance of the Mustang Convertible when the top is lowered.

The Mustang team recently demonstrated many new features of the all-new Mustang at a product forum in Dearborn, even showcasing a single-handed center latch that allows drivers to clamp down their top and release it in one motion rather than having to reach across to the passenger side.

Lovasz, who has been a member of the Mustang convertible top team since 2005, said that customer input and dedication from the engineering team combined to make the wide array of convertible top improvements a reality.
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