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MAY 24, 2012

A French forum has got it hands on what we have to assume are the official images of Renault's much-talked about Alpine A110-50 mid-engined sports car concept, which is scheduled to make its first public appearance at this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix.
This also means that while the first picture we saw of the car may have been partially doctored in one way or another, it did indeed preview the real car.

The A110-50 seems to be heavily based on Renault's DeZir Concept from the 2010 Paris Auto Show featuring the Alpine brand's traditional blue hue and a redesigned front-end sporting some styling cues from the original A110 of the 1960s such as the circular air-intakes between the new headlamps.

The Alpine model has a racier look thanks to an assortment of aero parts including the front spoiler, protruding side skirts and rear diffuser, and a massive rear wing, while it also rides on new alloy wheels.

The racing theme continues inside with the steering wheel, roll cage and bucket seats.

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