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JULY 03, 2012

Some 22 years after the launch of the first Clio as a replacement to the '5' and more than 11.5 million cars sold in more than 115 countries around the world, Renault has now unveiled the fourth generation of its supermini ahead of its public premiere at the Paris Motor Show in September.
Perhaps one of the most important things to know about the Clio 4 is that it is Renault's first production model to be penned entirely under the watch of the company's chief designer Laurens van den Acker.

The Dutch designer joined Renault in 2009 after resigning from his position at Mazda where he was responsible for several concepts such as the Nagare (2006 Los Angeles), Ryuga (2007 Detroit), and Hakaze (2007 Geneva).

At Renault, van den Acker previewed the firm's new design DNA with a string of concept studies that included the DeZir in 2010 and the Captur, Frendzy and R-Space in 2011.

"[The] New Renault Clio was conceived as a piece of sensuous sculpture which stimulates desire," explains van den Acker. "Like muscles, its curves express the dynamism radiated by the DeZir concept car. No acute or aggressive angles, just voluptuous curves that make you want to go up to it and caress it."

The new Clio is offered exclusively as a five-door model with the rear door handles concealed near the C-pillars.

Renault has not yet released details on the Clio 4's exterior dimensions but the company said that it has a lower ride height and wider tracks than the model it replaces. What the French company did tell us is that on average, the new Clio is a whopping 100kg (220 pounds) lighter than its predecessor.

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