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2011 Kia Optima
: The all new Sonata cousin will be introduced in the US at the upcoming New York auto show.

Next generation Kia Optima / Magentis teaser images released -
Written by himi on February 22nd, 2010

Kia Motors Company released four teaser images of the next generation Kia Optima (called Magentis in Europe) mid-size sedan just a few weeks before its official worldwide premiere scheduled for New York Auto Show.

A fresh design from the ground up, Kia’s latest generation of its popular mid-size sedan is completely transformed and boasts a bold, athletic and sporty exterior lay-out penned by Peter Schreyer and his colleagues at Kia’s design headquarters.

The new model has grown in size. It is longer, lower and wider compared to the previous generation Optima sedan and now features a significantly longer wheelbase and more space for both people and luggage.

According to Kia, the next generation Optima sedan is scheduled to hit the US showroom floor in Fall 2010, while sales in European markets will commence at the beginning of 2011.

(2 more renderings at site)

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I was told by a friend who is a dealer that you can build looks into anything. I think Kia is filling a niche market of low cost autos. I can't say much now because my room mate works for Kia and is all excited for Kia. He wonders why I won't buy a Kia Soul instead of my Fiesta. I showed him the booklet and got him to a while.

Kia needs to make vehicles look different from everyone else, i.e. the Forte looks like a cheaper Civic. I think there should of been a Honda commercial showing the forte morphing into a Civic just to show the similarities and how much better the Civic is, even though there are way too many Civics on the road right now. I think there is a need for a model refresh on the Civic.
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