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Subaru has introduced the long-awaited 2017 Impreza at the New York Auto Show.

Brand new from A to Z, the fifth-generation Impreza is a heavily toned-down version of the two Impreza concepts that were introduced last year in Tokyo and in Los Angeles, respectively. Its front end is characterized by more realistic-looking lights that replace the concept's sharp LED units, and a hexagonal grille with wing-like inserts. Out back, both the sedan and the hatchback models feature sharper tail lamps than their predecessors.

The Impreza Sport model benefits from 18-inch alloys, gloss black trim on both ends, body-colored rocker panels, black cloth upholstery with red stitching, and a specific instrument cluster. More importantly, it offers better handling thanks to a firmer suspension and a torque vectoring system.

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MINISITES (Three!! of them):[/url [url]

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Thanks for posting this , Igor :thumb:

I moved the thread to the Autoshow section - let me know if you can no longer post in it (glitch...that MIGHT be fixed) :angel

...haven't really looked at anything but the Navi :joyous:
tho first impression is that I don't like what I call The Brokeback Look of the center shoulder-line
which soooo many are doing lately
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