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Chevy Aveo Sets New Course for GM’s Small Car Future
By Colum Wood
October 1 2010

After rotting on the vine of General Motors for a few too many seasons, the Chevy Aveo has just been replaced with a new generation model sporting the same subcompact’s badge. Unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the new small car retains many of the features from the Aveo RS Concept car, including the large front grille, oversized headlights and rear door handles that are hidden into the C-pillar to give the 5-door a sporty 3-door look. And while the design is nice, the taller dimensions of the Aveo do make it look more functional than fun. That’s not always a bad thing, however, as the Aveo looks to have significantly more cargo room than the Ford Fiesta – although no official cargo numbers have been released.

Inside there’s an improved interior although it’s not thrilling. Then again, it might change when it makes it to North America as in Europe Chevy is GM’s entry-level brand, below Opel. Of note is the “motorcycle-inspired” instrument cluster with an analogue tachometer and digital speedometer. Chevy says the new Aveo will get a modern audio system with compatibility for USB and Bluetooth.

Also promised is “involved handling” while all models will get electric power steering, stability control and ABS brakes.

Gallery at the link

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