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Paris 2010: Audi Quattro Concept celebrates 30 years of performance
by Jeremy Korzeniewski
Sep 29th 2010

Here they are folks, the first live images we've managed to snap of the Audi Quattro Concept that's currently being debuted at the Paris Motor Show. We expect to get much more closely acquainted with the machine over the next couple of days, but until then, take a gander at the machine that Audi crafted to celebrate 30 years of Quattro performance.

Full gallery at link


Mercury C557
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I have mixed feelings about Audi's styling in general
-- used to be great
-- unfortunately the recent changes are soooo subtle/not-enough
& different mixed feelings about this concept
-- the front looks sooooo Honda to me
-- and the back looks soooooo anonymous
just feels like they're "marking time" instead of advancing anything design-wise
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