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Nissan Townpod Is A “Pure Concept”
By Derek Kreindler
September 30 2010

Nissan‘s Townpod is a “pure concept”, but we wouldn’t be surprised if something like it ended up debuting from Nissan in the near future.

A zero-emissions vehicle designed to meet the needs of young urban buyers (a familiar theme at this year’s show), the Townpod has rear doors that swing like an old Chevrolet Suburban, and the interior layout is fully customizable, with a flat loading floor and sliding rear seat. A series of “pucks” serve as cell-phone holders, drink holders, hand-bag hooks and whatever utility functions the owner desires.

The Leaf’s all-electric powerplant is carried over, both for eco cred and as a possible way for Nissan to amortize the massive development costs borne by the technology. In all honestly, a car like this is a good way to do so.

Full gallery at link

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