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Peugeot HR1 concept is latest to use through-the-road hybrid tech
by Autoblog Staff
Sep 29th 2010

Peugeot has found a new home for its HYbrid4 technology that independently powers the front and rear wheels with two types of powertrains. It's called through-the-road hybrid technology and it makes its latest appearance in the just-unveiled HR1 concept. According to Peugeot, The HR1 is part small city car, part SUV-ish beast and and part coupé – and it's an aggressive little thing. To match the crowded city where it's intended to be used, the HR1 uses scissor doors that open vertically – and the it's is taller than you might expect, with the driver up high in a "dominant driving position."

All this steroid-like aggression doesn't extend to the powertrains, though, since the HR1 concept boasts numbers that are quite kind to the environment: 81 miles per gallon (64 mpg U.S.) and CO2 emissions of just 80 grams per kilometer. The frugality comes from a new, three-cylinder 1.2-liter THP 110 gas engine that is used to power the front wheels. In the back, the HYbrid4's through-the-road hybrid powertrain uses a 37-bhp electric motor.

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