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This is Peugeot's New Onyx Supercar Concept and it's Heading to the Paris Motor Show
SEPTEMBER 11, 2012

You may remember that we showed you a video and a handful of screen shots of a new concept supercar from Peugeot named the Onyx on Monday.
Today, a full set of images of the Onyx made their way online well ahead of the study's scheduled world premiere at the Paris Motor Show on September 27.

The sharp looking concept features a two-tone, matte black and bronze paint job and a glass roof.

While Peugeot has not disclosed any information on the vehicle other than its name, the pictures reveal that the Onyx has a mid-engine layout, with some sources claiming that it combines a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine tweaked to deliver around 250 horsepower with an electric motor for a total system output of about 400hp.

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