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After weighted all the advantages and disadvantages of installing new super powerful air intake, you finally get to the market for the best air intake for Focus ST, which could really deserve your attention. We've selected two the most powerful options, ever built by Takeda for the Focus model, find them below:

Takeda® TR-5305B-R - Retain Black Cold Air Intake System with Pro 5R Air Filter

Takeda® TR-5305B-D - Retain Black Cold Air Intake System with Pro DRY S Air Filter

The first thing that grabs attention of each enthusiast or a mechanic is the DYNO chart.

The second important thing to check on is the air flow test:

Both systems offer 10+ hp gain, smooth air flow and same level of quality and durability, the only difference is the air filter type.

Does anybody has an experience with one of those intakes?
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