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I missed the concept's intro - happily CarScoops to the rescue :thumb:...
(the thread title is purely my opinion)

Skoda to Put More Emphasis on Design in the Future - CarScoops
Posted by Andrei Nedelea

...the Czech manufacturer will be shifting its future focus more towards design than it had previously done so.

Skoda’s recent concepts all feature a lot of design work (they’re visibly trying and it shows), most notably with that styling language preview, the Vision C...

...AutoExpress builds on this view with a recent report (below). It spoke with Senior Skoda Exterior designer, Marko Jevtic, about the Vision C who explained “the design of this car was done many years ago, but it does produce some key elements for cars that are in the pipeline and on their way to production.”...

...Interestingly, Jevtic will steer his team in a more traditional design (method) apparently. In regards to designing everything on a computer, he says “I do not believe in that process. Computers can mislead you, but to have things firmly under control I believe you have to have a physical model.”...

Skoda shifts its focus to design - AutoExpress
16 Sep, 2014 11:36am Jonathan Burn

Future Skoda models will be more stylish and design-focused than ever before by relying on traditional techniques..
...Skoda senior exterior designer Marko Jevtic told us:...“Fresh, clean, but more sculpted..."

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Skoda has to do something to keep pace with what is going on at Vdubs other brand Seat.
Skoda suffers the same slow as molasses illness that VW does when it comes to change.

Seat is making VW and Skoda look like old sods
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