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Running boards are the oldest type of cabin ingress and egress assistance, and were standard equipment on all early autos. With these handy steps, you'll kill two birds with one stone: make it easy to get in and out of your vehicle and add an extra touch of uniqueness to it.

Romik® is one of the brands, that never stops surprising their customers. Direct from the Romik European labs comes a new style of Running Board that has been tested for durability and strength. Their newest offering the RAL Running Board will set your Ford apart from the rest. Made from extruded aluminum and top off with a skid resistant top. The RAL series is luxury at its best. Available in silver or black finishes for the following models: Ford Edge 2007-2014, Ford Escape 2013-2015, Ford Explorer 2011-2015. The Black RAL-B is complemented by black end caps and grip assurance technology.

Silver Running Boards

Black Running Boards


- No cutting or welding required for installation
- Made from extruded aluminum and top off with a skid resistant top
- Comes with everything required for installation, including instructions.

We think they look great. And what is your opinion?
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