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Raptor Sales Numbers Continue to Climb -
Posted by Mark Williams
August 15, 2012

As the auto industry stays cautiously optimistic and pickup truck sales incrementally march on a soft upward trajectory, there are some obvious bright spots, not the least of which is the strong sales climb Ford's SVT Raptor.

Through July, sales for the all-terrain power truck are up 26 percent compared with last year, and for the month, Raptor is up 36 percent... ...something that no one predicted was possible when the truck debuted.

Ford is good about breaking out the Raptor numbers from the F-150 numbers, so we can track its progress (which puts Raptor production at the Dearborn Truck Plant at about 3 Raptors built per hour)...

...With other trucks, such as the Ram Power Wagon, it's difficult to find out how many of them are sold because that specific option package is not always broken apart from the overall 2500/3500 sales numbers. We assume a truck like the Power Wagon sells enough to justify its existence, but we're pretty sure it's nowhere near the level of Raptor sales...

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