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Rendered Speculation: Ford Taurus SHO wagon is the apple of our eye

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Courtesy of Autoblog,com

Many of us who sit around the Autoblog campfire every day are fans of station wagons. We love cars and love the idea of having some extra utility without giving up the generally superior driving dynamics of cars versus SUVs or crossovers. We also like the idea – if not necessarily the execution – of the Ford Taurus SHO.

Being aware of that fact, one of our readers put his Photoshop skills to work and created the rendering you see here of a SHO wagon. Ford, of course, has never officially built an official SHO wagon – either with the current model or with its predecessors. Naturally, there have been some aftermarket and homebuilt conversions over the years, and even at least one that we know of that was built inside Dearborn.

Of course, building a wagon off of previous models was substantially easier because Ford actually marketed a wagon bodystyle in the first couple of Taurus iterations. Not so with today's massive-yet-handsome sedan. Judging by reader Josiah's rendering above, that's a real shame, because the 2010 Taurus could really put some of its continental bulk to good load-lugging effect with an estate variant. Unfortunately, we'll likely never see anything like this slick wagon produced. The closest we figure to get is an Ecoboost Flex, which isn't exactly a bad alternative. Thanks for the great rendering, Josiah!
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I wouldnt mind Ford doing a Taurus wagon again at all.
I wouldnt mind Ford doing a Taurus wagon again at all.
As long as its exclusively AWD.
They however do not need it since they have the Flex (which is to the Taurus what the HHR is to the Cobalt)
The SportWagon looks like a MKT. Just lowered. But that my opinion.
It could make a nice MKW for Lincoln
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