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Hey there - we had the opportunity to put a new F-150 EcoBoost through its paces over about two weeks. We did some towing, hauling, and family shuttling - and the truck passed with flying colors. We thought you guys might like to give it a read:

A few quotes:

The EcoBoost isn’t a tire shredder from idle, but once a bit of boost builds it pulls with a strong and quiet authority. However, I have it on good authority that burnouts are possible in an F-150 EcoBoost. While in motion, the turbos feel instantly ready to respond regardless of speed or RPM. Highway passing takes no planning; just mash the gas and you are instantly gaining speed. It is rare that in something this large, pulling around this much weight, you find yourself merging into traffic at a higher rate of speed than it is traveling, but that is how authoritatively it gains speed. Think Rolls Royce Ghost, not Mustang GT, but it always accomplishes its goal.
Here is the result: I drove the truck for a total of 1,022.4 miles. During that time I burned 59.1 gallons of 87 octane resulting in an average of 17.3 miles per gallon across the entire trip. The truck was running for a little over 34 hours to travel this many miles, which means I averaged a measly 29.2 miles per hour. The important part of this number is that it shows that these were very mixed driving conditions, there was a lot of city, and stop and go driving as well as longer highway blasts. This trip also included towing a mid-sized trailer for 70 of the miles. Since most of the highway driving in my area has a 65 MPH speed limit, most clear highway travel was a closer average to 75. The difference in fuel economy between 55-60 and 65-70 is substantial. Instant fuel economy readings during steady state highway travel in the 60 MPH range showed at about 21.5 miles per gallon while travel at 70 MPH plus dropped that number to around 19 MPG.
In fact, we liked the truck so much that we've acquired one to hold onto a bit longer - our first long-term tester will be with us for two years (or more), not just two weeks.

Let us know what you think, and please tell us if there's anything you'd like us to check out with the long-term FX4. Thanks!
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