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I am impressed that people are still paying well over sticker on the GT500.

But then again, look at how attractive the car is and one heck of a performance bargain too.

This KR snake is impressive and should see similar price hiking as well.

From the article:

"Overall, the quality of the workmanship is top-notch — this isn't your ordinary dealer-installed dress-up kit. The look, especially in our test car's orange paint scheme with black striping, is strong, upping the macho quotient from the GT500 considerably. The 20-in. wheels fill the flared arches, and the chin spoiler and rocker panels add to the Super Snake's hunkered-down appearance.

Even though the Mustang, upon which the Super Snake is based, is a thoroughly modern automobile (okay, it does still have a live rear axle), the effect of Shelby's magic turns the GT500 cum Super Snake into a wayback machine that recalls the glory days of the early 1970s before the muscle car bubble burst. "

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Article Quote:

Ford will offer a factory-built race car, the Mustang FR500S. It will be built on the Mustang production line at Flat Rock, Mich., will cost $75,000 and can be ordered at Ford dealers.

The car has been designed to race in a new series for Mustangs called the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup.
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