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Henrik Fisker & Galpin To Debut New American Muscle At L.A. Auto Show - MotorAuthority
Jeff Glucker - Nov 11, 2014

There's some new American Muscle coming to the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. No...not some sort of Boss mobile. Instead, a familiar name in the car design space has teamed up with a familiar name in the Sell Every Ford on the Planet space. We're talking about Henrik Fisker and Galpin Auto Sports.

We don't know much about the car yet, other than a few snippets of information. It's going to be called the Rocket, and it will apparently be the "Ultimate American Muscle Car". That could be in part due to the fact that it will be carbon fiber-bodied, and we'd guess that the GAS team will work on the engine to create no small sum of horsepower and torque.

From the rendering, we're going to guess that Galpin and Fisker have re-bodied a 2015 Ford Mustang. This is based on the roofline, the fact that the gas tank is on the driver's side, and, well, the notion that Galpin would rather use a Pinto than a Camaro...
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I'm excited to see some type of super-hybrid Mustang-based beast.
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