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Rolls-Royce starts work on all-new Phantom
May 15, 2014
by Hilton Holloway

Early work is under way on the all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom, Autocar can reveal. The new model is thought to be nearly three years from appearing in the showroom, but design chief Giles Taylor’s team has “already started sketching” to develop the first ideas
for the new model.

The architecture of the new Phantom is undecided at this stage. Today’s car uses a unique aluminium spaceframe structure, but bosses at Rolls-Royce's parent company BMW are also said to be considering a radical shift to build the new Phantom around a BMW i3-style combination of a carbonfibre bodyshell mounted on a separate aluminium chassis.

As for the powertrain, the Phantom’s V12 is likely to remain the mainstay engine of the range, but a plug-in hybrid version is a certainty for the second-generation car.

Despite strong suggestions that Audi and Porsche will build pure-electric versions of their luxury models – influenced by the success of the Tesla Model S – BMW is said to be undecided on an electric Phantom. The 2011 battery-powered 102EX Phantom concept remained a one-off after an indifferent reception from existing Phantom owners.

Speaking to Autocar at the Geneva show in March, Taylor hinted that the new Phantom would move on visually from today’s model.

He said: “I don’t feel boxed in by the [existing] design. We are treading an evolutionary path and have a defining vision of modernity. The Wraith was all about modernising the brand. The fastback profile has a contemporary relevance. We are working on how to lay down what we call a ‘charismatic expressiveness’ for our future design language.”

Discussing his team’s thinking on the new Phantom, Taylor strongly suggested that it will be less formal looking.

Full article available at link.

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Re:R-R Phantom & 'compeition'?

I have a thing about threads in the Competition section not being just about just one brand's vehicle so...

Rendered Attempt at Upcoming Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan - CarScoops
May 16, 2014
By Andrei Nedelea

...the Aston Martin Rapide looked a bit a lot like a stretched DB9 with two extra doors... that we’ve seen shots of a barely camouflaged prototype of what is believed to be an actual sedan from Aston (that could be badged Lagonda), it wasn’t long before somebody took it upon themselves to try and show us what it will look like completely uncovered.

WildSpeed got it spot on, I say...

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just for fun
the Lambo Estoque Concept from some years ago
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