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posting this here cuz
- not sure how to deal with Fiat/Lancia/whatever
- the euro-comp section is busier than Mopar's
- the idea that a Stratos might give birth to a new & different Viper???

via Autoblog (Rumormill: Lancia Stratos revival won't be one-off, production planned)

Lancia Stratos Revival: New Photo, Lots of Confirmed Info, Links to Pininfarina and Bertone - Car and Driver

August 10, 2010 at 10:52 am by Justin Berkowitz
When pictures surfaced last week of a newfangled Lancia Stratos prototype undergoing testing at Fiat’s Balocco test track, car enthusiasts worldwide collectively said “Awww, yeah!” But this Stratos really is the proverbial perfect storm of rumormongering, bringing together European automotive websites and their colorful imaginations, grainy spy shots, and, of course, the unpredictable Italian auto industry. The car’s appearance started a flood of questions, speculation, and creative “fact” creation. We can now confirm new information about the Lancia Stratos’s return, much of which comes from insider site

Who Designed It? Pininfarina, Bertone, or the Boogeyman?

We’ve learned from reliable sources involved with the project that the car pictured is in fact the work of famed designer Jason Castriota, who has in his large portfolio the extremely cool Bertone Mantide concept, as well as the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Several news outlets—in particular, European websites accustomed to jumping to conclusions—had insisted the project was a Pininfarina design job. The truth is somewhat more complicated. Italiaspeed has just confirmed, based on firsthand information, that this project has been in the pipeline for four years. Based on Castriota’s employment history, then, the work likely began while he was at Pininfarina and was completed when he moved over to Bertone. It seems that Bertone will take credit for the project, as Castriota has now moved on to a design director position at Saab.

Incidentally, neither Bertone nor Pininfarina built the car shown in the track spy photos. While neither company has said anything about actually constructing the project car, it’s difficult to imagine that detail-oriented Chris Hrabalek, owner of Fenomenon Ltd., and designer of the Fenomenon Stratos concept car, is not involved.

One-Off for a Rich Guy? No, It’s Production-Bound

Early reports, based on Italiaspeed’s comment that the Stratos prototype was funded by a “wealthy industrialist” led to suggestions that this was not a production-bound car, but just a single custom job for a robber baron’s private collection. While private funding from someone very wealthy was involved (we suspect that it was paid for by the same guy who owns the trademark on the color blue), the Stratos is headed for limited production, although it could be a run of just a few hundred cars, as was the case with the Alfa Romeo 8C. You can expect the pricing to be between $90,000 and $Obscene.

Are the Pictures Real, or Renderings?

Based on the quality of the initial images, which seemed like camera-phone photos taken of an image displayed on a tube television, many were concerned that the whole thing was Photoshopped. This is not the case. The pictures we (and the rest of the internet) originally published are real and were taken at the Balocco test track. The blurry picture at the top of this post is of a design mock-up, although the shape has since evolved into that of the silver car shown below.

The pictures released after the test-track shots of that silver car, which initially were thought to be computer renderings, are actually real-life photos of a physical mock-up. Looking at the pictures of the silver car side-by-side with a picture of a custom-bodied Jaguar XJ220 built by Pininfarina and photographed on the roof of the firm’s building in Turin, it’s pretty clear that the setting is the same—note the tiling, pyramidal lumps, and stone walls.

We’ll bring you more information on the Stratos as it comes. One thing’s for sure: Compared to this, the mid-engined V-6 Corvette rumor seems like the work of a fourth-grader.

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while typing in the thread title, it occurred to me the co-incidence of the Lancia's name
& the Chryco Stratus
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