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By Nat Shirley
Friday, Jul 27th, 2012

The Center for Automotive Safety is calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to fine Ford for alleged wrongdoing in relation to yesterday’s Escape unintended acceleration recall. The non-profit consumer safety group claims that Ford has known about the unintended acceleration problem for years.

“ Ford’s Escape recall announcement continues its coverup of a defective cruise control cable it has known about since 2005,” said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center. “Rather than replace the defective cruise control cable, Ford uses a cheap fastener to raise the engine cover to try to provide enough clearance so the cable doesn’t jam.”

Ditlow says that the NHTSA should not accept Ford’s solution to the problem and instead should hit the automaker with the maximum fine for not recalling the vehicles when it first learned of the problem.

Full text at link
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