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from (Vince) < Link<img src= width=830 height=1><table><td width=1000 bgcolor=#000000><font color=#bbbbbb><b>Thursday, July 30, 2009</font>
<font size=+1 color=#dddd77>R<b></b>enault cars for S<b></b>aturn?</font></b>
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Renault is officially reporting talking to Saturn's new owner, Roger Penske, about providing him with cars for the US brand.
It was reported earlier that the cars would actually come from Samsung in Korea.
But Renault is already selling cars in Mexico, so it's not so far fetch to think we might be getting real Renaults over here, and not Korean models.
Here are some pictures of the various Megane models which would make a great replacement for the Astra.
And even the Laguna would make a nice Aura...

What do you think?</font></td></table>
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