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Beijing Auto Concept 900 concept launched on the Shanghai Auto Show
APRIL 21, 2013
Car News China

The beautiful Beijing Auto Concept 900 concept was launched on the Shanghai Auto Show, previewing a future full-size sedan. The Beijing Auto Concept 900 is an evolution of the Beijing Auto C90L concept that debuted on the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. Back in February we heard that the B90L/Concept 900 will see production in 2014, based on platform of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class that is made in China by the Beijing-Benz joint venture.

Beijing Auto didn’t say anything about an engine. The C90L was ‘powered’ by a V12. The biggest engine in the E-Class is a 3.5 liter V6.


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maybe it's just in comparison/contrast to all the U.G.L.Y. @ Shanghai but
this has a LOT of good going for it...
...maybe even more than 50%!
esp the overall shape (smooooth) not counting some glitches in graphics & extraneous swooshes

I practically 'like' the grille...almost-really

sunflowerseed whirlpool patterns are getting cliché already but the idea of tiny-billets kinda reminds me of my later MKZ chops...

...think I'm gonna try chopping this into a _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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