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By Drew Phillips
Apr 17th 2012

With the debut of its audacious 1000 horsepower GT500 at the New York Auto Show earlier this month, you might be wondering what direction Shelby will be headed in the future. After all, they can't just keep adding more horsepower to the Mustang. Can they?

Shelby president John Luft tells us that while they will continue producing post-title Mustang packages (they have a product plan for the pony car through 2020), the company is also considering branching out to other vehicles in the Ford lineup.

"Our plans include everything from the Mustang to looking at future development of the EcoBoost motor," he told us. "There could be a Focus or Fusion development in our future."

The plans don't stop there, though. Luft revealed to us that Shelby is considering producing another halo sports car like they did in the late 1990s with the Series 1.

"We always pose the 'what if'. If you remember when the Series 1 was developed, that was a purpose-built halo sports car for the Shelby brand. We always put those things in the plan because maybe down the road we would want to readdress a purpose-built Shelby sports car. It doesn't mean we'll build it, but we always want to challenge ourselves to put it on the table and talk about the practicality of it."

Keep reading for more insights into Shelby's plans for the future.
Luft admits the conditions would have to be right for a new Shelby sports car to happen, but doesn't count out the possibility.

Full text at link

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I'd love to see Shelby knock three or four hundred pounds off the Taurus, beef up the suspension and brakes, and crank it up to 425hp.

While they were at it...a Shelby Edge would be cool too.
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