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GM gives us sneak peek of next-generation HeadUP display technology - Autoblog

by Steven J. Ewing
on Mar 17th 2010 at 10:00AM
Currently, automakers use head-up displays to project important vehicle information (speed, navigation directions, etc.) on the windshield, keeping the driver's eyes focused on the road, where they belong. General Motors is hard at work developing its next-generation heads-up technology, and we were given a preview yesterday of what sort of new features to expect in the coming years.

This new concept, developed in partnership with Carnegie Mellon and the University of Southern California, uses an augmented reality system to display head-up information across the entire windshield. Never heard of augmented reality? Sure you have. When you're watching a football game and images appear on the screen to indicate lines on the playing field, that's augmented reality. GM feels that this technology will be a good way to expand upon current heads-up systems without being too distracting for drivers.

GM's new concept uses an array of vehicle sensors and cameras to collect data and project images directly onto the surface of the windshield. For example, if you're driving in dark foggy conditions, this technology can highlight the lines of the road. By pairing these functions with existing night vision technology, the heads-up system can identify and highlight animals or people along the side of the road. It's all about improving safety, not only for the driver and passengers, but for pedestrians, too. What's more, this new tech can work with a car's navigation system to give more precise directions, highlighting actual road signs or buildings to show drivers where they should be going...

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