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Spied: 2013 Ford B-MAX Small MPV Based on Fiesta Starts Taking Shape
AUGUST 30, 2011

Ford is putting the final development touches on the production version of its Fiesta-based B-MAX small MPV that was snagged with a funky color scheme and very few parts covered up while testing in Europe.
The subtle camouflage does little to hide the fact that the B-MAX's design is very close to the original concept displayed at the Geneva Salon earlier this year right up to the sliding rear-doors.

The only noteworthy changes over the Blue Oval's concept study concern the addition of door handles and the much smaller alloy wheel and tire combos. From these pictures, we can't be sure if Ford has equipped the tall five-door model with B-pillars.

Being that the Geneva study was shown in near-production trim, we expect that there won’t any notable changes to the interior design.

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