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By Drew Johnson
Aug 20th, 2013

Our spies have sent us the most revealing photos yet of the next-generation 2015 Ford Mustang, which is expected to be smaller and as much as 400 lbs. lighter than the current model.

Snapped during high-performance testing at a race course, the new images reveal a front end that clearly draws influence from the Evos concept, although the details have been massaged for a slightly more muscular look. In place of the concept’s narrowed headlights are larger units that invite comparison to the Fusion sedan, while the grille is an aggressive rendition of Ford’s latest hexagonal design.

Inside the Beast
The last time the 2015 Mustang was spotted in the wild was back at the start of the month, when a group of test mules taking a break in an Arizona hotel parking lot gave us a glimpse of the new pony car’s interior.

Although Ford's engineers have done a particularly good job covering up the Mustang before it debuts, a peek into the cabin of one of the mules clearly revealed a deeply-scalloped three-spoke steering wheel and one of the most heavily-bolstered seats we've ever encountered. Also, the photos showed that the Mustang will, finally, get a power driver's seat backrest.

V8 Soundtrack Caught on Video
A video recently surfaced online showing the new Mustang in action. Crank up your speakers because you can hear the new Mustang's V8 for the first time.

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Also glad to see the old halogen grille bobbles retired.
Still I wonder how it would look on the new face.

I actually liked the GT lights, I always felt like it completed the current gens face. Without them it looks bare imo.
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