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Story of Three Turnarounds

Story of Three Turnarounds
The Detroit Three pursue three very different turnaround strategies

By Igor Holas | 04.22.2008 |

All three major domestic manufacturers are in the midst of major turnarounds, but while their ultimate goals are the same, their approaches to this turbulent process could not be more different: while Ford is paring the business down to a centrally managed core, GM has re-grouped to dissolve much of its central management, and Chrysler commenced its path to a potential merger with Nissan. These three strategies show the vastly different philosophies guiding the leadership of each company, and point to very different challenges faced by each.


Mercury C557
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Re: Story of Three Turnarounds

well done, Igor

not sure I look at Chrysler as having any/much identity left the moment
within their challenges see one advantage GM has over Ford...

I said recently at GMI that one of GM's biggest problems is Chevrolet
ie they have trouble getting past its overwhelming market share
& the corporation might be in better shape if it didn't consume most of their attention ( I assume )

Ford has the added challenge that " F O R D " is not only their main brand but also the name of the corporation & the family

can't help but think of analogies - McDonald's maybe?
burgers < check
but what about their fries?
and ALL the new menu items they keep bringing out to prove they're "more than just..." ?

tho ^that^ emphasizes another challenge where Ford's better off than GM < who still seems to be going with brand identities that can be summed up in one word or soundbite
and the brands that they seem most directionless with are the ones that can't be OneWord

but for a more optimistic post, quote:
I rather hope that the Fomoco and GM vehicles kinda get lumped together as "American" to a degree
even IF they don't make 'best in class' in every category,
DO succeed in completely abolishing any&every perception
that being Asian/foreign-in-general has any guaranteed advantage
that MOST of that OLD perception has already been a FABLE/HYPE/just-plain-Wrong for years.

interesting times ahead
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