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Take rate on Brembo package for 2011 Ford Mustang higher than expected

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As a general rule, the things that us car journalists typically enjoy - things like manual transmissions, no-frills interiors and wagon variants - don't necessarily sell well. The same can be said for expensive non-powertrain performance options, which is why we were surprised to learn that the Brembo brake package for the 2011 Ford Mustang has been selling quite well.

According to Automobile Magazine, Ford says that the take rate for the option has "exceeded our expectations" and sales are "running substantially above last year's Track Pack." Perhaps we should give Mustang buyers, ostensibly only interested with drag racing, more credit than we initially thought.

Priced at $1,695, the Brembo brake package includes a set of 14-inch front discs with four-piston calipers, rear 11.8-inch discs with four-piston calipers, special 19-inch wheels, summer performance tires, and unique tuning for the suspension, stability control and steering.

Part of the reason for the high take rate might be that choosing the option is actually much cheaper than buying the same parts in the aftermarket. The 14-inch brake kit in the Ford Racing parts catalog will run you $1,489, which doesn't include the rear brake upgrade, and you still have to buy new wheels and tires. For aftermarket-obsessed Mustang owners, checking the option box to get it straight from the factory just makes more sense.

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They should offer this package on the SHO
Of course we all know now that the rear brakes do not have 4 piston calipers as stated above.

They use the same calipers as every other Mustang, V6, V8 and GT500, brembo front brakes or not.

The only difference in the rear is pad compound.
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