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thinking about the Wayne Focus factory and the C170>>C1>>C2 conundrum
whether the Taxi segment is worth participating...

attached is an alternative (hybrid available of course) to this

imho it has a bit of an old London-Taxi feel to it
the mainly-gray color seems slightly more 'exec' imho
( might have a pop-up thingie on the roof - more aerodynamic)
& doesn't make me feel like a bottle of milk ( <oooold reference) or parcel like the T-Connect-Taxi would
attached an old last-gen Taurus-based chop - from back when wondering if Atlanta would have been profitable to keep running.
sorry it's so small, the larger version & yellow version are on my deceased puter.

Everyone else is invited to post chops &or thoughts about "vehicles for hire" :)


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The Transit Connect would definitely need to be hybrid for the NYC deadline when they convert everything to hybrid vehicles.

Imagine all taxi cabs in NYC converted to Hydrogen vehicles. Ohhhhh the possibilities.
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