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What is it that sells cars? What gets drivers to come through a dealership’s front door and sign their lives away for the next five years or better? Is it reliability ratings? Could it be customer service? What about features, performance or fuel economy? Truthfully it’s a mix of all these attributes and more.

Certainly automotive design plays a critical role in moving metal. People see a cool-looking car or truck on the street or read about it online (preferably at and their interest gets piqued. Styling is probably not the most important aspect of automotive sales but it’s unquestionably a vital part of the greater vehicular universe. After all, nobody is going to covet a Toyota Corolla in 40 years they way they might lust after a Dodge Challenger or Audi R8.

Some cars and trucks are more attractive or interesting than others, but every vehicle is born in a studio, whether it’s a lowly hatchback or a flagship luxury sedan. Not surprisingly designers have a language all their own and it’s chockablock with interesting terminology not familiar to many laymen.

To learn some of this foreign tongue we reached out to automotive designer and published author Jason White. He shared with us 10 important design terms that every car person should know and understand.
To learn all about these Top 10 Automotive Design Terms please visit
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