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A sunny Saturday set the stage for a fantastic 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise.

Cars off all sorts arrived along the historic piece of Detroit asphalt to put on a display of V8 muscle and custom creativity that can’t be matched.

From old to new, rust to chrome, Woodward is a display of machinery that every car enthusiast should try and see at least once.

For your viewing pleasure, we have compiled a list packed with 10 of our favorite cars we saw at Woodward this year.

Do-it-yourself Chrome Hummer H2

Just in case the Hummer H2 was a little too inconspicuous, this owner decided to slather his in chrome. A clear do-it-yourself job, this H2 was providing a great mirror for the cruisers to check out their cars in. Best of all, just hang it from the ceiling and you instantly have the world’s largest disco ball!

Mid-1960s Dodge W200 Power Wagon Crew Cab

Classic trucks are nothing out of the ordinary at the Dream Cruise, but I love seeing these old crew cabs. Buying a crew cab pickup was certainly not the norm when this truck was new, making these four-door models all the more rare. Add on that massive steel bumper with a winch mounted to it and this Power Wagon still looks ready to tackle some tough terrain.

Donk Love

Love them or hate them, ridiculously massive wheels, more affectionally referred to as Donks, are a trend in custom cars right now. From classic Cadillac’s to a Ford Bronco, there isn’t a car out there that someone hasn’t slapped a set of donks onto. I think they look so ridiculous that you just have to love them.


What appears to be a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) troop transport was out cruising among the lesser vehicles at Woodward, trying to keep them from under its tires. We never got a close look at this thing, but its massive stature had it standing out in a crowd of low-slung hot rods.

Off-Roading Anyone?

This custom dune buggy belongs on the streets of Baja, which makes it a unique experience to see it cruising down the street trough a Detroit suburb. The custom-bodied four seater was housing an entire family, making it the perfect Dream Cruise ride.
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