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J.D. Power just released the results of its 2015 Vehicle Dependability Study. Plenty of automakers deserve praise, but others, well, not so much…

This closely watched and highly anticipated report is full of useful information. Aside from highlighting the most reliable models in different market segments it also ranks car companies based on problems per 100 vehicles.

Their survey monitors dependability after three years of service, meaning cars and trucks from the 2012 model year are highlighted in this report, which is comprised of responses from some 34,000 original owners.

We’ve already shared the best brands on this list, now it’s time to dredge the bottom. Here are the worst-performing automakers in J.D. Power’s latest VDS.

10. Volkswagen
VW is the least worst on this list of under-performing automakers. The people’s car brand averaged 165 problems per 100 vehicles. That score exceeds the industry average of 147 by a fair amount. This is a slight degradation compared to last year’s performance, which measured a more respectable 158.

9. Chrysler

Historically Chrysler has NOT been known for quality and this unfortunate tradition continues. The Pentastar brand posted a score of 173, appreciably worse than the 155 is earned last year. What’s going on in Auburn Hills? The company’s Ram brand did the best of all Fiat-Chrysler divisions, beating the industry average with a score of 134. Apparently they’re unable to spread that success across the company.

8. Volvo

Falling behind Chrysler by one point is Volvo, everyone’s favorite Swedish/Chinese car company. The brand averaged 174 problems per 100 vehicles, worse than its score of 152 from last year’s survey.

7. Ford
Ford posted a disappointing score of 188 problems per 100 vehicles, which means it’s fallen behind the industry average by 41. Especially troubling is that it’s doing even worse than it did last year. In 2014 the blue-oval brand measured 140 ...
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