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Lincoln MKS To Premier New "Tuxedo Black" Color

Ford Motor Company is filling its paint color palette for the 2008 model year with some of the trendiest hues, most expressive metallics and its largest color range ever.

“People express themselves in every aspect of their lives – from the hues in which they dress themselves and their homes to the color of vehicles that they drive – so we strive to deliver dynamic and diverse colors,” says Jon Hall, Ford’s lead paint designer. “After all, it’s the paint color that will first connect the customer with a vehicle, so we’re designing the best core colors technology now allows, along with the freshest hues to match the design trends and tastes of our diverse customers.”

Ford designers started developing the 2008 model year paint line-up approximately 36 months ago. They began forecasting fashion, cultural and design trends to deliver the new palette and also worked with top global color forecasters – including Pantone.

The classics are reaching new visual depths for the 2008 model year, and new bright feature colors will emerge as well. But how do Hall and his team know how far is too far on the bolder end of the spectrum?

“We look to various elements of our environment for inspiration about new color trends, including architecture and product design because these items have longevity,” says Hall. “We figure if customers are going to commit to a brightly colored washer and dryer or sofa for instance, they’re apt to also choose a bolder-colored vehicle that will live their driveway for several years.”

Here’s a sampling of some of Ford’s newest hues for the 2008 model year:

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