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Fiat recalls 500,000 Grande Punto vehicles
- LeftlaneNews

12/07/2009, 2:42 AM
By Mark Kleis

Fiat released its largest of three recalls for the Grande Punto, with 500,000 total vehicles affected. The recall involves a steering linkage that could potentially break the steering shaft.

Prior to the current recall, the most recent of the recalls had occurred in March 2008 and involved 44,000 left-hand-drive vehicles. These vehicles were said to have unspecified problems in the lower steering column if manufactured between March 2006, and September 2007.

The first of the recalls took place in November 2006, and affected the fewest number of vehicles with 21,000. The November 2006 recall involved a faulty steering column in the right-hand-drive vehicles sold in the United Kingdom.

The current recall affects 500,000 Fiat Grande Punto and Grande Punto Abarth models built in 2008 and 2009. A European consumer watchdog organization, RAPEX, has listed specific details for the latest recall, saying, “a possible incorrect tightening of the steering shaft upper joint fixing screw could lead to the breakage of the shaft, with consequent loss of steering control which could lead to an accident.”

Fiat says that no accident have been reported due to the problem.
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