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Ford to Source EcoBoost Turbos From Honeywell

Byron Pope
Ward's AutoWorld, Sep 1, 2008 12:00 PM

Ford Motor Co. Will Use Honeywell International Inc.'s Garrett turbochargers and Robert Bosch GmbH's fuel injectors in the first application of its EcoBoost engine technology when it debuts next spring on the Lincoln MKS flagship sedan, a top Ford engineer tells Ward's.

The MKS will offer a twin-turbo 3.5L V-6 EcoBoost engine application, which boasts direct-injection, delivering the power and performance of a larger engine with up to a 20% increase in fuel economy and a 15% reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions.

Following its debut on the MKS, Ford says it will offer EcoBoost engines on more than 80% of its North American lineup by 2012.

“They will all be branded under the EcoBoost name, which is a strategy of turbocharging, downsizing and direct injection,” Brett Hinds, advanced engine design manager, tells Ward's during a celebration in Richmond, IN, of the 100th anniversary of the Ford Model T.

The EcoBoost engines will not replace normally aspirated mills currently offered in Ford's lineup, but instead will be offered as a premium powertrain upgrade.

“We'll have (EcoBoost) on over 23 different nameplates,” Hinds says. “And when we do that, we'll have both base-engine applications and premium EcoBoost applications.”

While the initial V-6 versions of EcoBoost will use two turbos, future I-4 iterations will need only one. “When we go to an I-4, twin-turbos aren't necessary.”

A month after its debut on the MKS, the 3.5L EcoBoost will be offered in the Ford Flex cross/utility vehicle. In 2010, the technology will be optional in the F-150 pickup, Hinds says, declining to reveal applications beyond that.

However, he says Ford is researching the possibility of offering an EcoBoost engine for its Mustang sports car.

“We're (monitoring) customer feedback on what they think about (an EcoBoost Mustang),” Hinds says. “It ranges from diehard Mustang enthusiasts who want a V-8 to people that are interested in understanding the new technology and what it brings to them.”

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