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here's a nother WAYWFF: thread
What Are You Waiting For, Ford?

topic: BAMR**, the elusive all glass Vistaroof™ (with exclamations by Homer Simpson)
BurlappCars said:

Looks like the all new Sonata will be getting a glass roof option.

That's pretty much a first in the US for that type of cars (The Maxima is a class above, at least in price)
If they do offer it in the US that is. The Honda Fit has it overseas but not here.
Plus, it is something the competition does not offer in the US. The upcoming Honda Accord hatch will have that option, but not the sedan.

With avery new detail coming out, it looks like the new Sonata might be a formidable competition for the established players...

What I want to know is... WHERE's Yours, FORD?
I mean you practically started this whole thing with the MKX & Edge.
Doncha think it'd be a good idea to offer a LOT more??

How many years later and they're STILL not even on the MKZ; let alone ANY Mercury! :mad:

And Merc has a perfect name for vehicles equiped with a BAMR == CAPRI***

Capri could be a trim/sub-model name for any Mercury with a BAMR
...the Milan-Capri
...the Mariner-Capri
...the coming, littlest-Merc, C3, Mercuocus-Capri
...& the sport version, the SPHINX-Capri
"Marge, Lisa, & Maggie say they won't put Merc on their list until they can have Capri roofs"

What Are You Waiting For????
"But NOOooo!"
You really want to let Hyundai beat you at your own game?
ps hugs & kisses & a kick for your rear end

** BAMR, as all Fomoco guys know, stands for BigAssMoonRoof -- what the workers on the assemblylines call them

*** actually I've got another name that'd be real good too, if ya wanna keep Capri for something else "on your list" ;)
just PM me - no charge

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I am sort of ignorant of Vista roofs, what makes them better than normal roofs?

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^ the front part, the moonroof is huge (27.3 x 29.4 inches)
& the rear part of the roof that ^it slides over is glass too (15.75x31.3 inches; together = NINE Sq Ft of light! Link)

so far the MKS is the only sedan that has a version of it
but imho the Edge & MKX still have the best implementation

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ford and lincoln dealers

I love the new mkt but don't you think that ford is putting lincoln at a disavantage for selling lincolns car along side ford cars I hope in the near future ford will make lincoln a stand alone company such as cadillac bmw lexus when you sale your marquee car along side your cheaper cars it cheapen the image of lincoln and cause sales to drop off because people often say a lincoln is a reworked ford with a high cost just letting you know what people are saying about your marquee cars

thank you
lincoln lover forever
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