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this is the first WAYWFF: thread ...since thinking of that title and theme;
What Are You Waiting For, Ford?
part one:
Isn't it time for all Lincoln grilles to migrate to using the Split-Wing design?

In particular (ie past the time), while looking at the Chicago Autoshow webcams AND noticing today while driving,
the NAVIGATOR could have been so easily switched over...
...just a new grille (that Couldn't have clashed since the current one is ALMOST there) and (if you please) a hood with an indent instead of a bump for the center, to-the-badge-part.

It would look soooo GOOD!

- fully understand waiting with the MKX for it's update (not too far off, right?)
- and won't mention the TC (sigh)

Thanks for (hopefully) reading

other WAYWFF: threads are being planned ;)
(hoping to keep them positive & constructive)
& Hope anyone else would feel free to make others -- and use the WAYWFF: prefix (please?)
(wish I'd used it on the EcoBLITZ thread])...

...will try to put some MERCURY styling ideas/questions into words next :D
- to fill the lull until the NYC Autoshow
- as 'encouragement' to put sufficient effort into my favorite (& World's Most Perfect) Brand

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Mercury C557
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I've been very remiss is pursuing WAYWFF threads
but have thousands of good reasons
ie longitude of Reno - longitude of Chicago = 2000 reasons. . .

this pic makes me think it might be interesting to ATTACK The TUSH
what if Lincoln stole this look for an update/appearance pkg on the MKS?**
(& maybe spread it around going forward... for the (D385)MKS's big brother the E386? hmm?)

Would Rolls "plotz"?

photo links-back to source

** NOT that I think the babyRR's is better, I *like* the MKS's tail lights,
was just struck by an easy-swap & thought it be cool to :p at Rolls
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