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Ford Escape (2012–Present)
Lincoln MKC (2014-Present)

Also, according to Automotive News back in June of 2012, Ford upgraded the Louisville assembly plant where it has invested $600 million to add 3,100 jobs to make the new Escape small SUV.

Ford has already added 1,800 of the hourly jobs at the plant, and will add another 1,300 more when the plant's third shift begins work by the end of this year. The Louisville plant's total hourly employment by this year's end will be 4,200, Ford said in a statement.

Currently only producing the new Escape, the upgraded plant is more flexible, able to produce up to six different vehicles at the same time, making it one of the company's most flexible U.S. assembly factories, Ford said.

The flexibility will allow Ford to adjust production to market changes, said Jim Tetreault, the company's vice president of North American manufacturing.

Clearly the capacity for 5 additional models at the Louisville Plant, means there is more than enough capacity for the 2014 MKC, and the rumored entry level Lincoln sedan based on the shared Focus/Escape platform.
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