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One month of Focus ownership here, approaching my first 1000 miles. So far, so good. I thought I'd share a minor quality-of-life upgrade I made.

I have the wireless charging pad and it seemed a shame to clutter up the console with wires in order to use the CarPlay with my iPhone. There is, however, a USB-C port in the center console--I thought maybe I could use that for a wireless adapter. Short answer: I can and it works well.

I picked up a Carlinkit adapter that connects via USB (carlinkit). I bought a tiny USB-C to USB-A adapter on their website store ($99 for a 2-pack). Set up was reasonably straightforward. This thing ships from China and it's not clear to me that there's any real guarantee of support or warranties. There's not a ton of documentation. I considered it a reasonable risk. All went smoothly for me. YMMV.

Connecting, Carlinkit first handshakes to your phone via Bluetooth and then switches over to a Wi-Fi network created by the device.

I have to say, it's a decent solution. It takes about 20-30 seconds after starting the car to connect up. I can keep my phone in my pocket if I like, or use the charging pad. Everything hides away in the center console. I haven't tested all the control features yet but the basics work fine. I can listen to my music, playlists, and podcasts on my phone, use Google Maps, and the other CarPlay features, etc.

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